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4 Amazing Video Game Marketing Campaigns in 2022

As per Statista, 2021 was an incredible year for gaming as it became one of the top habits to get cultivated across the world during the pandemic.

Currently, there are about 2.9 billion active gamers around the world and the industry is projected to make about $256.97 billion by 2025. Cash flows in various channels in the video game market and gaming advertisement is one of them.

For game developers striving to introduce their games in the market, advertising can be a game-changer in reaching out to a wider audience. Games backed by tech companies create an increasingly competitive market and for this reason, it is almost a necessity to advertise your games if you intend to make money in the profession.

Having a marketing strategy tailored to your video game type can help gamers differentiate you from other games and creates an engaging timeline for the story you narrate in the game.

Despite having tremendous skills, some game developers don’t make the cut because they were unable to navigate their way into the video game market. If you’re considering hiring a business developer to help you strategize a marketing plan, then take the leap and get professional support. Having an expert could help create a strong impression on your audience.

In the past, there have been some brilliant gaming ad campaigns by creative agencies that involved other famous people or brands that brought together two types of fandoms/audiences to create a combined fantasy experience. This one time, K/DA, a popular K-pop band created music for League of Legends that gave birth to a series of videos of gaming characters singing to the tunes of the band.

An ideal gaming ad would consist of a combination of Product placements, brand partnerships, banner ads, Interstitial and/or rewarding ads, and other forms of media to promote the game. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to go about with the whole advertising thing, then here are some game ads that got our attention in 2022:

1. COD Modern Warfare II Anamorphic Billboards

Earlier this month, November 2022, COD Modern Warfare II created a campaign in some of the busiest streets in the United Kingdom and the USA that created a live-action effect and left the bystanders amazed. A global creative agency, Amplify, which specializes in experience and culture had a clip of the main characters on anamorphic billboards in London, Los Angeles, and New York! The 3D screen shows Sergeant Johnny MacTavish smashing through the glass screen as a part of his mission. The trailer ends with Lieutenant Simon Riley, or who we know as Ghost, appearing on the screen uttering the words “You’re clear to engage” as he fixes his night vision goggles. The intense trailer had most of the watchers recording and posting it on their social media channels further increasing the number of people the ad reached. If you haven’t watched the video yet, you can check it below! Take a look!

2. Call of Duty and Burger King Collaboration

As cliché as it sounds there is no doubt that gaming and snacking go great together. A study found that nearly 65% of gamers ordered take-out food from Quick service restaurants. Burger King launched an ad campaign with Call of Duty, where if you bought a Call of Duty Whopper Meal you could win in-game rewards like a Burger town-themed operating skin and double XP playing time where players would get double the points, they earned, for up to one hour.

Burger Town is a fictional restaurant in the game. The idea resonated with its customers both old and new. According to VG247 the campaign got traction and boosted engagement across the countries the campaign took place in. The campaign concluded with two types of audience becoming aware of each other’s products, creating a potentially wider audience base for both brands.

3. Elden Ring Creating Anticipation

This year, Japanese RPG maker FromSoftware joined hands with Geroge RR Martin, the creator behind hit-series Game Of Thrones, to create Elden Ring. The creator has been known for creating deep stories with various complex characters and intertwining their paths with each other. They began with the launch of their first trailer, followed by another one after a long gap. The wait in turn got people curious and had people hooked to the advertising series. In fact, people were so curious that it went on to win the “Most Anticipated Game” title at the 2020 Game Awards.

As per GMG, when they launched the game in February 2022, the company had anticipated selling approximately 4 million copies before April of that year, but they ended up selling a little over 13.4 million copies by March. The creators created an intriguing experience with the content and and timing of the trailers and the approach sure did work in helping the game receive all that attention and sales!

4. Travis Scott Concerts in Fortnite

In 2020 Travis Scott partnered with Epic Game’s Fortnite for an experiential marketing campaign. The singer/rapper/songwriter released his album ‘Astronomical’ in a virtual concert that was attended by about 12.3 million players. There were five of these concerts and saw a total of 27.7 million unique players and 45.8 million impressions!

The concert had Travis Scott in an almost Avatar-like style performing in the Fortnite universe, giving the concertgoers a glimpse of this gaming universe. The concert saw an attendance of both players and non-players who were now intrigued by the world of Fortnite, and it may not be an exaggeration to say that this was likely one of the best game marketing campaigns on record.

In case you are wondering, here is a glimpse of the Travis Scott X Fortnite Campaign!

Key Takeaways:

  • Gaming is becoming a serious place of investment for venture capitalists and tech companies. The revenue flow is getting healthier and is expected to soar over time.

  • The time is ripe for game developers, but it is important to use the right tactics for your games to make an impression and still stand out from the crowd.

  • Innovative marketing campaigns that experiment with brands, mediums, and social media features are helping brands and creators make a strong impression on their audience and retain the interest of buyers.

  • If you are a game developer, unsure of how to create a brand out of your ideas then consider looking into influencer marketing, collaborations, and story-telling experiences.

  • At Nomads Digital we help small-time game developers leverage market trends to earn an income and build a successful career in the gaming. If you found this article useful get in touch with us to learn more!


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